Managing my mailouts with BLINK

BLINK is a mail barcoding software that can significantly reduce your postage costs particularly if you mail out 300 or more small letters.

Important notice for Blink Versions 2007.3 and later

Blink version 2007.3 will no longer be available and supported on systems running Windows 95, 98, ME and NT versions 3.51 and 4.0. Blink installed on system running Microsoft Office version 95 and 97 will also be no longer supported. Minimum requirements for Blink are Windows 2000 with the latest service pack and Microsoft Office 2000. If this will affect you, please upgrade your system or contact

How much can I save per mailout on my postage?

No. of small letters per batch:

Mailed each:

Monthly estimated savings

You can save between $0.00 and $0.00 each month.

Why use BLINK barcoding?

  • Save with discounted postage prices
  • Matches your addresses to Australia Post's database for:
    • Faster mail delivery & processing
    • More mail delivered to the right address
  • Helps you to maintain accurate addresses

See more features

BLINK makes it possible to easily print Australia Post barcodes on all your Microsoft Office correspondence, mail merges, labels and envelopes.

Using data from your database or by entering a new address, BLINK matches each address with the Postal Address File (PAF) and adds the appropriate Australia Post barcode. By printing the barcodes on your mail, BLINK saves you significant postage costs by assisting Australia Post in pre-sorting your mail.

Latest news

PrintSoft launches new BLINK website. Please make sure javascript is enabled in your browser.

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